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Welcome to Deker Hockey, a new stick company based out of Airdrie, Alberta. Our goal is to build the most advanced hockey sticks on the market while still trying to keep price in mind. With the price of sports increasing every year, we here at Deker wanted to try and relieve some of the cost without sacrificing quality and technology. After many prototypes and a year of testing with kids from Novice to Peewee, we believe we have created a stick that will compete with anything on the market. Our 100% Carbon sticks are made specifically to fit kids and teens with the proper flex and length. Our sticks are also one of the lightest available. We carry 20, 30, 40, 50 flex in JR and 50, 60 flex in INT. All our sticks have a Low-Kick point for maximum energy output with minimum effort. They are all made by true one-piece compression molding to give players a responsive and consistent feel. Our blades are made with a pre-formed rigid foam core for unmatched puck control and excellent accuracy.

What our customers are saying

My son, who is an AA atom player got a Deker hockey stick, 30 Flex and loves it. The stick is made very well and my son's shot has improved as the flex on the stick is perfect for his size. He can shoot the puck harder with this stick then with any other. He has tried almost every other brand but since he got his Deker stick he no longer asks me for a new stick every week.  

Kim K   Ontario

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What our customers are saying

My 12 year old son has used major brand name Jr sticks (CCM, Bauer, Nike) since beginning to play hockey at age 5. This year we bought him a Deker Flex 40 hockey stick and his enjoyment of the sport has gone way up. He says he can finally feel the puck, feel the flex of the stick, and is happily developing a slap shot. He has always struggled to shoot the puck with consistency, and using the Decker stick his shot has improved dramatically. 

Brian M  Alberta